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 AUTHOR OF:       The Art of Clear Writing
                                   Antietam and Gettysburg,
                                  Two Civil War Battles
                                          That Saved the Union

                   Bloody Shiloh 
And The Rise of U.S. Grant


"The Art of Clear Writing"

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Two Civil War articles are available in a Kindle version.
"Antietam and Gettysburg - Two Pivotal Civil War
Battles That Saved the Union"
"Bloody Shiloh And The Rise of U.S. Grant"

     Arnold G. Regardie is the author of  "The Art of
    Clear Writing," 
 a book which contains time-tested guidelines
         and techniques to  improve your writing.  The book is all
             about writing clearly, and is designed to help you improve the
             clarity of your writing.

Your Guide to
Increased Earnings Potential,
Job Placement, Career Advancement,
More Sales for Your Business
        As stated in the preface, "Today's world is a world of
lobal communications.  The power of the written word is more
               moreimportant than ever before.  It's your key to the future. 
abilityto communicate clearly is vital for job placement,
advancement, earnings potential, and business success."

                  This book helps you to address the "inner game" 
             of writing and confront the self doubts and anxieties
               that may impede your road to writing success.
                Learn to build confidence in your writing
                   to erase those self doubts.


        If you write well, you can do well, that's the bottom line.

                                The article, "Antietam and Gettysburg - Two Pivotal Civil War
                   Battles that Saved the Union," describes
Confederate General Robert E. Lee
            two invasions invasions of the North.  They
caused grave concern about the
                   vulnerability of  the nation's capital to C
onfederate capture. This article explains
        how the Confederacy was in position on two occasions - at Antietam and
               Gettysburg - to strike serious blows against the Union.   Each time they were 
                  repulsed.   It focuses on the far reaching implications of each battle.                 

                                           Arnold Regardie's second Civil War article, Bloody Shiloh  
                               And The Rise of U.S. Grant,
focuses on the 1862 Union campaign for  
                              control of the Mississippi River Valley and the valuable network of rivers    
                              within it.  The Union recognized early on in the war that control of this
                              vital region was necessary to subjugate the Southland.  The bloody battle of
                              Shiloh in southwest Tennessee together with the earlier Union victory at
                              Fort Donelson on the Cumberland River were integral parts of this
                              campaign and saw President Abraham Lincoln select U.S. Grant as a leading 
                              Union general.
                                          ARNOLD  G. REGARDIE achieved prominence 
                            as a trial attorney in Los Angeles, California before 

                                          He studied legal writing for many years and has
                            distilled the essence of his effective legal writing skills 
                            into clear writing guidelines and techniques.
                                              He is a former federal prosecutor and a past
                            president of the Los Angeles chapter of  the Federal
                            Bar Association.
                                              He obtained a Juris Doctor degree from the
                            University of California, Hastings College of the Law,
                            and a Bachelor of Science in Economics from the 
                            Wharton School, University of Pennsylvania.
                                              He is also a member of AWAI, American 
                            Writers and Artists, Inc.

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