Arnold G. Regardie


                              Arnold G. Regardie is also the co-author, 
with his wife, Phyllis, of an illustrated, 
                    full-color children's book entitled "The Magical 
                    Adventure of Mzzz BunnyBee
."  This book was self
                    published in 1984 and was based on a story created 
                    by their daughter, Lisa, who was then 7 years old. 
                    The book tells the story of a lonely bunny who was
                    magically transformed into a "BunnyBee" by a 
bumblebee named "Buzby," who, seeing
                    how lonely the bunny was, sprinkled magical
                    pollen on her. This made the bunny sneeze and
                    caused her to lose her temper.  However, after
                    being transformed into a BunnyBee, she made
                    new friends. Then, realizing how lonely she had
                    been before this magical event happened, she
                    found Buzby and apologized. The bunny learned
                    a valuable life's lesson from this experience: "If
                    you don't lose your temper and watch
what you
                    say, new friends will appear almost everyday."

                               The book is now out of print, but a few
                    copies are available for donation to worthy causes.
                    For more information, please email the author at

                                Regardie also published two legal articles. 
                    After successfully defending a medical doctor who
                    was accused of malpractice and threatened with 
                    dismissal from practice by the state medical board,
                    he published an article in the "Western Journal of
                    Medicine," which dealt with that experience. 
                    emotional trauma experienced by the doctor
                    prompted the article. This article explained the
                    procedural and substantive issues that a doctor
 would have to face if accused of malpractice by 
                    the California Board of
Medical Quality Assurance.

                             A second article, published in the Uniform
                    Commercial Code Quarterly Law Journal,
                    concerned acceleration clauses in commercial
                    paper. Regardie's client, a clothing transporter, had
                    been suddenly and without warning, closed down by
                    a creditor by virtue of an acceleration clause in the
                    chattel mortgage held by the creditor. The article
                    argued that notice and an opportunity to cure any
                    perceived default should be provided in all such
                    documents before any acceleration of the unpaid
                    balance could occur.

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